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Build your US growth engine

With proven teaching methodologies and network of experts to validate your business model we help you go from an unverified guess, to a set gameplan for US market entry in as little as 3 months.
Build your US growth engine

12 Weeks

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Conquering the US Market Isn't Easy

Conquering the US Market Isn't Easy
Ever found yourself as an international founder, determined to conquer the US market, yet overwhelmed by the obstacles in your path?
  • You're not alone.
It's like traversing a complex maze filled with twists and turns, where numerous companies have lost their way for years, grappling to understand the market and win over customers.
Mounting expenses, postponed ROI, and a demanding learning curve. You discover the hard truth: selling in the US is vastly different from selling at home.
Lucky for you... there's a better way.
Conquering the US Market Isn't Easy

Unlocking the US market in only 12 weeks

Reduce the typical 18-24 month learning curve to mere months, cutting costs and mitigating risks.  We test and optimize your US market entry strategy, making sure your business is "flight ready" to thrive, dodging costly pitfalls along the way.
Top execs mentor you

Top execs mentor you

Not researchers, professors, or fly-by"gurus." Mentored by true entrepreneurs that have done exactly what you're trying to do.
Learn by doing

Learn by doing

No abstract or unclear theories. Just actionable and practical strategies to help you de-risk and scale to the US.
Attract US investors

Attract US investors

Grab the interest of foreign capital and attract the attention of investors willing to trust your vision.
Unlocking the US 
Market in only 12 weeks

Who is it for?

Unlocking the US 
Market in only 12 weeks
The goal of the Market Fit Program is to work with small and medium sized tech companies who have customers in their home country and feel that the time to grow… right now.
  • Small / medium business in the tech industry
  • US expansion plans within the next 12-18 months
  • You have customers in your home region, but you're having a hard time scaling your customer base in the United States
  • You or someone in your team is proficient in English
  • You are struggling with your initial pricing and target client for the US
  • You commit to finish the program in the stipulated time and apply the recommendations and learning from the facilitators during the process

What we’ll
work with you

De-risk business model

We will work with you and your team on creating and evaluating possible business models to tackle the US market. We will continuously refine these models during the course of the entire project.

Go-to-market hypothesis

To enter a strong market, you’ll need to satisfy a strong demand. We’ll show you how to identify and build Ideal Customer Profiles, Value Proposition, and Market Entry business models for your expansion

Compelling story

Stories are as important to the soul as they are for business. We’ll work together to create a compelling story around your business and collateral that will help you engage with the US market.

Validation with 10 experts

Experience is the best teacher. We host “Feedback Session” alongside industry experts, ICPs, investors, and ecosystem key players to gain insights about how to approach the US market.

Growth & scaling

Expansion is one of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur could face. We’ll help you unlock effective tactics to accelerate scaling without breaking the bank, and how to fine-tune the strategy as the company enters the sales phase

Our program in action

Here's a rough outline on helping you define strategy, adapt culture/values, and achieve results in larger markets, incorporating validation from industry experts and ICPs.

Kick Off 

We will discuss the key dates, deliverables, the WHY for each deliverable and the process as a whole, responsible parties, resources & everything related to the program.Introduction to the flow & methodologyLogistics and scheduling
  • Introduction to the flow & methodology
  • Logistics and scheduling


  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Workshop: Introductory workshop

ICP & Value Proposition

The goal of this week is to map the key assumptions around the business model with focus on developing your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to ensure that you are targeting the right customers with the right value:
  • Importance of obtaining open data to inform ICP
  • Tips for creating a strong ICP to minimize error in judgment
  • Creating a single UVP for the US Market
  • Validating customer problem and solution to ensure it is US relevant


  • Session Length:
    90 minutes each workshop
  • Workshop: Ideal Client Profile, Unique Value Proposition
  • ICP Worksheet 
  • Value Proposition Canvas

Initial Market Entry Assumptions

In this workshop, we'll use the Lean Canvas model to hypothesize your US market business model. We'll also revisit this activity at the program's end, comparing assumptions to key findings for valuable insights.
  • Introduction to the Lean Canvas Model
  • Deconstructing your business idea into key assumptions


  • Session Length: 120 minutes
  • Workshop: Lean Canvas Modeling
  • Discussion to populate the Lean Canvas Model

Competitive Landscape & Industry Dynamics

This week's workshop will focus on understanding the competitive landscape, industry pricing, and market dynamics to position your company for success. Additionally, an external industry expert will be present to share insights and provide valuable feedback throughout the entire program.
  • Analyzing the competitive landscape to find opportunities
  • Understanding industry pricing
  • Segmenting the market to better understand your customer
  • Identifying key industry trends that may impact your entry strategy


  • Session Length: 120 minutes
  • Workshop: Competitive Landscape
  • Feedback on Lean Canvas assumptions to refine
  • Identify your company's "superpower"
  • Slide deck on your US competitive landscape and targeted industry

Content Review with Client

This week,  you will develop a better understanding of how to effectively communicate your story and have the collateral to support your efforts.
  • The potential impact of language barriers between local/regional marketing teams and the US market
  • The importance of cultural knowledge when communicating with your US target audience
  • Identifying key collateral items that will be used to engage with the market


  • Session Length: 120 minutes
  • Workshop: Content Review
  • Top Ten Questions Document
  • Wow! Statement
  • Your Offer and Outreach Script

Target List Review

In this workshop, we will focus on identifying the categories of companies and job titles we need to meet with to validate your market hypothesis and build a pipeline of potential candidates for pilot projects. 
  • Identifying key decision-makers and stakeholders to meet with
  • Developing an outreach strategy
  • Tips for effective communication and engagement during outreach efforts


  • Session Length: 60-90 minutes
  • Workshop: Review target list with the outreach team
  • Warm introductions to target companies and individuals
  • Future outreach plan

Market Validation Meetings

During the validation meetings, we will focus on the engagement phase of our strategy, where you will join us in meetings with 10 or more companies and individuals from our target list to gain valuable insights and test key assumptions about your business in the US market. 
  • Leveraging the expertise of potential customers, thought leaders, industry experts, Miami's Tech Ecosystem experts, and investors
  • Gaining insights about how best to go to market in the US


  • Session Length: 30-60 minutes per meeting
  • Workshop: Guaranteed 10 Validation Meetings
  • Test key assumptions around the business
  • Identify potential opportunities and challenges
  • Refine your market entry strategy

Lessons Learned

Based around the “learn-by-doing” methodology, we will focus on the Lessons Learned & Next Steps slide deck in order to reflect on the  lessons learned during the market validation process. 
  • Understanding key takeaways and insights gained from meetings with potential customers, thought leaders, industry experts, Miami's Tech Ecosystem experts, and investors
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities encountered during the market validation process
  • Complete the document used on Workshop 2 (ICP & Value Proposition) and compare assumptions with findings


  • Session Length: N/A
  • Workshop: No workshops
  • Lessons Learned & Next Steps Slide Deck
  • Identifying key priorities and action items
  • Developing a plan to implement lessons learned and incorporate feedback into your market entry strategy

Final Review Board

At this meeting, which concludes the program, you will present and our team and industry experts will provide feedback and suggestions on how to fine-tune the strategy as the company enters the sales phase.
  • Presentation of the market entry strategy by your team
  • How to fine-tune the market entry strategy for the sales phase


  • Session Length: 120 minutes
  • Workshop: Final review
  • Feedback and suggestions from our team and industry experts on the market entry strategy
  • Identifying areas for improvement and fine-tuning the strategy for the sales phase

Hear from the founders

Discover the stories behind our successful case studies from the founders. Hear how they faced their challenges & how we helped them overcame them to reach their goals.
Pragma's US Expansion: Accelerating Growth with our Market Fit Programplay
"Their connections and ability to organise meetings with experts and potential clients was invaluable for us. It allowed us to adapt out business proposal and adjust our pricing model."
Andrea Quiroz
North American Territory CEO, Pragma
Digibee's Rapid US Expansion: Raises $25M Series Aplay
"Base Miami streamlined our go-to-market approach and accelerated our entry immensely to establish the foundation of Digebee here in the US."
Marcelo Souccar
COO, Digibee
Unlocking Success in the US: Omnicon's Strategic Pivot with Our Market Fit Programplay
"Base Miami saved us from a very long cycle that we would have had of trial and error. They added a significant value to our team"
Daniel Gómez Sanchez
COO, Omnicon
How Qriar Leveraged Base Miami's Market Fit Programplay
“I think we've got a lot in terms of the resources Base Miami has and the connections. It's the most valuable thing in the whole process."
Almir Menezes
CEO, Qriar
Faq Market Fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Faq Market Fit
What type of companies generally do you work with?
We work with companies that are led by entrepreneurs who are in the tech space across any industry vertical. Our programs are adapted depending if you are a small business owner or a startup founder. Typically the earliest stage a startup enters is when they have a product fit and gained some traction in their home market.
Do you take any equity?
We do not take any equity. We do not ask participating startups to give up any ownership. We would much rather invest in your next round of funding. We also do not take any commission on sales proceedings during or after any meetings that we create for you during the course of the program.
Do I need to speak English?
As the program will be taught in English, we recommend that at least one of the team members has a strong understanding of English.
Do you provide funding?
Not at this present time. However, we hope to provide funding in the very near future. We do leverage our connections in the investment community to provide our startups with direct access to funding.
Can you generate leads for us?
Whilst naturally this may occur as we connect you with mentors, experts and advisors in your industry, we do not actively go out and do lead generation for your company.
Are you a marketing agency?
No, we are not a marketing agency, we do have a range of partners who we can connect you with to help with your marketing needs.

Ready to get started?

We know first hand the struggles and investment required to scale, let us join you in this new step towards success.
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