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Unlocking Success in the US: Omnicon's Strategic Pivot with Our Market Fit Program

Unlocking Success in the US: Omnicon's Strategic Pivot with Our Market Fit Program

"Base Miami saved us from a very long cycle that we would have had of trial and error. They added a significant value to our team"
Daniel Gómez Sanchez
COO, Omnicon
COO, Omnicon

About Omnicon

Omnicon is a tech company born in Cali, Colombia, in 1992 with a team that envisioned the key role of technology to provide solutions for companies across a wide range of industries in the region. With the fast development of technology, in 1996, they decided to expand their operations, establishing subsidiaries over the country. And by 1999, they were embarking on the internationalization journey developing projects in more than 65 countries. 

But the most significant milestone for the company came in 2014 with the development of Ibisa, the first IoT Digital Transformation platform in Latin America, adding innovative solutions to the services they already offered. Omnicon has made a long and challenging journey to arrive where they are today, boasting an impressive portfolio of customers and certifications

Facing the US market challenge

However, technology development never stops, and there are always new horizons to explore. Therefore, the company focused on landing in the US market alongside its wide array of technological solutions. But the US market has its own rules and particularities, and sometimes Latin American founders have to start almost from scratch to fit in. That's why the Omnicon team reached us at Base Miami to get on board our Market Fit program and get professional support for a soft landing in the US. 

Guiding Omnicon to a time-efficient US market strategy

Our Market Fit program aims to help business owners understand how their products or services will work in such a bustling and dynamic scenario. That way, the team can outline new hypotheses and validate them before launch, saving two core assets for any business: time and money.

Omnicon's streamlined internationalization journey

The results? The Omnicon team found a shortcut for their product placement, shifting their initial ideas and getting crucial inputs to develop a solid strategy. As a result, they could improve their services with a different vision than when they initially entered the program. 

Support from those who have already paved the way is vital for a company when planning the internationalization journey. What works at home may not have the same outcome in the US market that behaves and moves under its own rules. By getting new insights from experienced voices, further questions can be made, and new hypotheses can be outlined toward finding the product/market fit, cost and time efficiently.

What they said

“The process was very positive in general, mainly because we imagine many things from a strategic perspective. But then, we had the opportunity to validate our assumptions to see whether the landing was somewhat possible or not. (...) We came into this program with a vision of offering what we knew best, which was the traditional automation business, and we left with an idea of a comprehensive smart manufacturing package, taking out the consulting service, which t is a different version of how we thought we could reach the American market. I think that it is the most valuable thing that we got. We left here with a validated, much more concrete, and manageable strategy. So the general feeling is of a lot of very valuable, validated information and a very clear plan on how to do the first launch.”

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