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Immerse your startup in Miami’s tech scene

Maximize your chances of success in the US market by learning how to pitch to VCs and close your first sales. Take advantage of our exclusive access to Miami's tech ecosystem through key connections and networking opportunities.
Immerse your startup 
in Miami’s tech scene
Application are now open for the next Miami Immersion Week. Entries Close October 6.



2 Weeks + 5 Days

PROGRAM delivery

Virtual /Miami

Tackling the US Market alone is daunting

Tackling the US Market alone is daunting 
Entering a new and unknown market is like stepping into the dark. You dive into costly "discovery trips" and trade shows, hoping to unlock the US market's secrets. Excitement grows, but real progress remains distant.
  • The journey is costly and daunting.
You invest heavily, only to face failure, wasted resources, a disengaged Miami network, and an elusive go-to-market strategy. 
Going alone  is leading your company into a minefield.
But what if there was a cost effective way to gain access to Miami's tech ecosystem?
Tackling the US Market alone is daunting 

Set your startup up for success in the US

Benefit from virtual learning, mentoring and an on-site immersion week in Miami to learn how to raise capital and sell in the US. Then, put your newly acquired knowledge and skills to work in a real-world setting!
Hybrid cohort workshops

Hybrid cohort workshops

Combine two weeks of online training with a 5-day Miami immersion, refining your abilities through 8+ hours of focused instruction.
Success driven guidance

Success driven guidance

Be mentored 1:1 by proven entrepreneurs and industry experts who understand the journey you're on, delivering hands-on knowledge and mentorship.
Flexible learning path

Flexible learning path

Focus only on what you want to learn. Whether you’re looking to raise funds or gain your first US customer. We personalize our approach to your needs. 
Set your startup

Who is it for?

Set your startup
The Immersion Week  was created for busy, early-stage teams who have customers but haven't been able to scale successfully to the United States.
  • Tech startups beyond the ideation stage, preferably with 
a functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Pre-seed, seed, or early-growth stage
  • Any sector, any country
  • You commit to finish the program in the stipulated time and apply the recommendations and learning from the facilitators during the process
  • You or someone in your team is proficient in English
  • Startups with innovative products, services or business models may be preferred for the program.

What we’ll
work with you

Why Miami?

Learn how Miami is becoming the next tech hub in the US, and the ideal landing spot for Latam companies.

Demo day & feedback

Master the art of presenting your startup to US customers, partners, and investors. Receive feedback from local Miami experts in a Demo Day format to improve your pitch skills.

Sales growth hacking

Learn innovative sales growth hacks to conquer and adapt your approach to target US buyer personas. Stand out from the competition and achieve explosive growth.

Raising capital 

Gain a competitive edge in the US fundraising landscape with powerful techniques and insights. Learn to build investor relationships, pitch with confidence, and secure funding.

Miami networking

Immerse yourself in the Miami ecosystem to understand its dynamics and access business community support. Meet with investors, customers, partners, and experts to start building your tribe.

Free coworking space

Free access to a co-working desk is available for you to develop your work plan and meet people from your scheduled on-site meetings

Our program in action

Acquire the knowledge and connections essential for success in the US startup scene through our expert-led program, focusing on three main pillars: Market Entry, US Sales, and US Investment. Immerse yourself in Miami's vibrant startup community!

Below a previous Immersion Week schedule and is subject to change.

Kick Off + Wow! Statement

On Day 1 of Week 1, we will discuss the key dates, deliverables, the WHY for each deliverable and the process as a whole, responsible parties, resources & everything related to the program. We also start your  Wow! Statement, a short yet powerful articulation of your target customer, value proposition, and “superpower”.
  • Introduction to the flow & methodology
  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Getting to Wow! in 60 minutes


  • Session Length: 90 minutes each workship
  • Workshop 1: Introductory workshop
  • Workshop 2: Prepare your Wow! Statement
  • Homework: Prepare your Wow! Statement to present next session

Wow! Statement Presentations

On Day 2 of Week 1, we will focus on refining your Wow! Statement, with special attention to developing your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for the US Market.
  • Identifying potential challenges and opportunities in the US market
  • Tips for creating a strong ICP to minimize error in judgment
  • Creating a single UVP for the US Market
  • Individualized feedback into the Wow! Statement for maximum effectiveness


  • Session Length: 90 minutes each workshop
  • Workshop 1: ICP and Value Prop seminar
  • Workshop 2: Wow! Statement presentations by companies ICP Worksheet
  • Homework: ICP Worksheet, Value Proposition Canvas, Update Wow! Statement

US Sales & Investment

On Day 3 of week 1, we will focus on getting meetings in the US, target list and outreach, and US speed pitches for customers and investors.
  • How to research and develop a target list of potential meeting prospects
  • Developing effective outreach strategies
  • Developing and practicing a successful speed pitch for potential investors and customers in the US market.


  • Session Length: 60 minutes each workshop
  • Workshop 1: Getting meetings in the US - target list and outreach
  • Workshop 2: US Speed Pitch for Customer
  • Workshop 3: US Speed Pitch for Investors
  • Homework: Prepare sales and/or investor pitch as well as target list and outreach plan for small group mentoring session


In small groups we work directly with you to give you the opportunity to practice your sales pitch in a supportive and collaborative environment, and receive feedback and guidance from industry experts to refine and improve your pitch for maximum impact.
  • Importance of a engaging sales pitch for engaging with potential customers
  • Key elements to include in a successful sales pitch
  • Developing and practicing sales pitch


  • Session Length: 75 Minutes per session (2 groups)
  • Workshop & Homework: Update sales pitch and slide deck based on feedback 

Investor Pitch Mentoring

In small groups we work directly with you to give you the opportunity to practice your investor pitch in a supportive and collaborative environment, and receive feedback and guidance from industry experts to refine and improve your pitch for maximum impact.
  • Importance of a engaging sales pitch for engaging with potential investors
  • Key elements to include in a successful investors pitch
  • Developing and practicing investors pitch


  • Session Length: 75 Minutes per session  (2 groups)
  • Workshop & Homework: Update investors pitch and slide deck based on feedback

Outreach & Investors Strategy

In small groups, we will focus on identifying the categories of companies and job titles we need to meet with to validate your market hypothesis and build a pipeline of potential candidates for pilot projects. 
  • Identifying key decision-makers and stakeholders to meet with
  • Developing an outreach strategy
  • Tips for effective communication and engagement during outreach efforts


  • Session Length: 75 Minutes per session (2 groups)
  • Workshops & Homework: Update sales and/or investor pitch and slide deck based on feedback as well as update and execute outreach plan

Weekly Update Sessions

Over the course of three weeks, you will catch up with the Base Miami team to review your progress in getting meetings and addressing any challenges that are occurring.
  • Meeting acquisition SCRUM
  • Identifying challenges and roadblocks to progress
  • Pivoting your target list / outreach strategy if needed


  • Session Length: 75 Minutes per session (2 groups)
  • Once a week for 3 weeks
  • Finalized target list for clients, investors, partners in Miami
  • Final Session: We get you ready for the week ahead in Miami. 

Miami Immersion Week

Now that you’re in Miami, we have designed a fully immersive week full of enriching experiences designed to help you grow and succeed in the Miami startup ecosystem.
  • Stay in a hotel in the heart of Miami
  • Develop clearer understanding of the Miami startup mindset 
  • Learn how you can apply it to your own company and your own career
  • Networking events, pitch practice, and vibrant Miami nightlife
  • Demo Day
  • Dedicated coworking spot


  • Lectures and workshops on investment readiness, sales, and venture capital
  • Free time to meet with investors, potential clients and partners
  • Visits to prominent Miami companies and VC firms e.g. Google & Accenture
  • Mingle with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Pitch practice sessions leading into a Demo Day
  • Campus visits to the University of Miami and other local institutions

Hear from the founders

Explore our case studies and dive into the details of how our clients leveraged our programs to succeed in their expansion plans.
Agustín Alvarez
Managing Director, Jemersoft
Managing Director, Jemersoft
‍“I think the most significant value for us was to have validated all the hypotheses, either for better or worse, of what we had been thinking about going to Miami."
Felipe Canales
Commercial Director, Nearway
Commercial Director, Nearway
"Base Miami Market Entry Bootcamp helped us understand the challenges presented by the cultural barriers Latin American entrepreneurs face when trying to land in the US market."
Juan Pablo Flores
CEO and Founder, Ontaim
CEO and Founder, Ontaim
"Base Miami’s program is very dynamic. What we liked the most was the close and dedicated support from the executive team and also the connections within their network of investors and experts with technical knowledge of the US market."
Ximena Cofre
Technology Director, SmartJob
Technology Director, SmartJob
"It was a very personalized approach even though we shared the program with other companies. The program finished in July, and we were getting our first client in the US by November.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply to the Immersion Week program?
Applications for the Immersion Week open four times a year, and stay open typically for 4 weeks. After applications close, we’ll review your application and spend time getting to know even more about your team, market and idea. Our goal is to notify the final group of companies being accepted within eight weeks from the application closing date. 
How do I apply to an Immersion Week program?
Each new Immersion Week has their own application form on their landing page. If you would like to apply, simply click on the “Apply Now” button on the programs dedicated landing page and you’ll be redirected to the relevant application form. You are able to register your interest 365 days a year above by joining the waiting list.
Where does the program take place?
The Pre-Immersion stage is 100% online and runs for four weeks. The Immersion Week takes place in Miami, Florida for 5 days.
Do you have a selection criteria?
This program is limited to 15 tech startups from all over the world. We are looking for companies that are led by entrepreneurs from who are in the tech industry. From there, we look at the team, product readiness, traction, idea and how soon you are willing to relocate to the US. We are interested in inspiring people who have an open mind and are ready to approach the new market with a beginners mentality.
Should I apply again if I am rejected?
Yes, definitely! There is no downside to applying more than once. The startup world is lucid and ever changing and appreciate this happens to your business. We welcome you to reapply to the program.
What happens after the completion of your programs?
Once graduated, you’ll become part of our alumni community, which provides you with lifetime access to a global ecosystem of founders and mentors.
Do I need to speak English?
As the program will be taught in English, we recommend that at least one of the team members has a strong understanding of English.

Miami awaits you!

Don't miss out on this chance to take your business to the next level and make valuable connections in the US market.
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