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Jemersoft's Strategic Expansion with our Market Entry Bootcamp

Jemersoft's Strategic Expansion with our Market Entry Bootcamp

‍“I think the most significant value for us was to have validated all the hypotheses, either for better or worse, of what we had been thinking about going to Miami."
Agustín Alvarez
Managing Director, Jemersoft
Managing Director, Jemersoft

About Jemersoft

Jemersoft is a software development company founded in 2019 in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, that provides technological solutions to a wide array of companies across several industries in multiple countries. From cloud consulting to assembling dedicated teams proactively, the company works with the most innovative technologies to help businesses explore their full potential and embrace digital transformation. 

With a customer-centric approach, Jemersoft strives to deliver high-quality, tailored solutions carrying out every project following the highest standards. Though the company was launched in 2019, they have experienced significant growth and therefore started to look to expand its services to other regions.

Addressing market differences & assessing US opportunities

When it comes to internationalization, companies usually make the mistake of thinking that the market behaves the same way as it does at home. According to the Jemersoft team, they were used to working with Latin American companies based in countries like Chile or Guatemala. The work dynamics and the process of getting clients from those countries were quite different when compared to the US. 

The company had its procedures on track. But, when the time to plan an international expansion arrived, and Jemersoft analyzed the possibilities of materializing the idea, a lot of guesses came up. Was Miami a good idea to land and expand with the company? Was the US market the right place to deliver its solutions? 

Rethinking client outreach & strategies for success

The Jemersoft team joined Base Miami's Market Entry Bootcamp, a one-month program designed to give companies key resources to enter the US market. Through this learning cohort, participants learn everything they need to know for a successful landing, the most common mistakes they should avoid, and hear other founders who have already been in that position. 

According to Jemersfot Managing Director Agustin Alvarez, before the program, they had a totally different perspective about clients. They thought reaching them out was almost as easy as their Latin American clients. 

Saving time & money with our Market Entry Boocamp

Through Base Miami's MEB, the Jemersfot team could develop new hypotheses and gain new perspectives on how their solutions could work in the US market. However, they realized they perhaps have to wait longer to launch in Miami (about 6 months to 1 year) to shape their services to the needs of this new market. That way, the company saved time and money while rethinking its entire internationalization strategy.

What they said

“I think the most significant value for us was to have validated all the hypotheses, either for better or worse, of what we had been thinking about going to Miami. Taking the landing in Miami as a project was very useful for us to validate the hypotheses we had in a short time, which, if we had not done it through you, it would indeed have taken us more time and more money to validate and realize all those things.”Agustín Alvarez - Managing Director at Jemersoft

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