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Digibee's Rapid US Expansion: Raises $25M Series A

Digibee's Rapid US Expansion: Raises $25M Series A

"Base Miami streamlined our go-to-market approach and accelerated our entry immensely to establish the foundation of Digebee here in the US."
Marcelo Souccar
COO, Digibee
COO, Digibee

About Digibee

Digibee is a software integration company founded in Brazil in 2017 that, through a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP), solves a complex IT problem in a simple and fast way, connecting the enterprise business to the digital world without a single line of code. 

According to its co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Bernardinelli, they help global companies on their digital journey so they can grow and scale without economically prohibitive costs enabling innovation in a rapidly changing digital environment. Therefore, with such an innovative product, Digibee rapidly started its expansion journey, which, as usual, came with some challenges attached.

Adapting to US market dynamics & establishing operations

So, Digibee was ready to expand from Latin America to the US, but the team needed to understand the US market dynamics first, adapt the sales model and then establish and launch its operations. The challenge was twofold: to create a recognized thought leader in the integration as a service and to test their sales strategies hypotheses: indirect sales through partner channels and a direct sales model. 

Additionally, Digibee needed assistance assembling a fully operational team in the US and handling the administrative paperwork. In a nutshell, the company needed to adapt how to do business in the US, write contracts, hire people, and run the daily back-office operations. =

Guiding Digibee's US launch & sales model validation

Digibee's goal was to re-validate its sales model, build thought leadership, establish the enterprise from the ground up, and build a team from scratch. This is why they approached Base Miami seeking guidance on how to set up and launch their US operations. 

With a team encompassing 20 years of combined experience and knowledge in the US market, their industry key players, and network connections, Base Miami helped Digibee accelerate the sales model validation. The program covered the key takeaways for an overall soft-landing process in a crowded and dynamic market like the US, supporting Digibee to validate its initial hypotheses.

Accelerated growth & $25M series A funding

Base Miami supported Digibee in launching its operations in the US, providing the knowledge, tools, and connections needed to accelerate market entry while saving time and money in the process. With Base Miami's MEB support, Digibee kickstarted the US marketing and sales operations, successfully establishing a pipeline with two strong partnerships and closing deals with 6 clients at least 4 times faster than planned. 

The sales model was tested and validated, and they built a linkedin presence establishing Digibee as a thought leader in the sector. The company was incorporated and fully operational in less than a month, growing from 1 person to a team of 10. Quite impressive results for a bustling and complex market like the US.

What they said

"Base Miami streamlined our go-to-market approach and accelerated our entry immensely to establish the foundation of Digebee here in the US. In the end, we were able to build from scratch, from one person to a fully operational team of 10 people. We started with at least 20 real opportunities in our pipeline and we closed 2 partnerships, with which we are also building a pipeline. We can also say that the networking effect with VTEX helped us build the first 6 clients here in the US" - Marcelo Souccar, COO at Digibee (US)

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