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Pragma's US Expansion: Accelerating Growth with our Market Fit Program

Pragma's US Expansion: Accelerating Growth with our Market Fit Program

"Their connections and ability to organise meetings with experts and potential clients was invaluable for us. It allowed us to adapt out business proposal and adjust our pricing model."
Andrea Quiroz
North American Territory CEO, Pragma
North American Territory CEO, Pragma

About Pragma

Pragma launched its operations 26 years ago in Colombia, transforming the digital services sector, sourcing hard-to-recruit IT specialists in cloud migration and AWS. Over the years, they have built a talented staff of professionals ready to deliver unsurpassed services for startups and also large retail companies. That way, Pragma helps companies overcome the challenges of building a successful team and accelerating business growth with their sourcing solutions. 

The company has achieved significant milestones over the past two decades, like becoming a partner of Nequi, the first digital bank in Colombia, and Bancolombia, the largest bank in the country. With such a remarkable trajectory, Pragma decided to expand its operations abroad, not only in Latin America but also in the US.

The complexities of the US market expansion

The US market offers numerous opportunities for Latin American companies. However, with these opportunities also come challenges. In their expansion process, Pragma bumped into several complexities. The team had been handling the entire internationalization process for over 5 months, trying to understand the US market on their own, striving (unsuccessfully) to reach the right people. 

One of the biggest concerns was communication. The team was struggling to convey their value proposition to an audience that behaved utterly differently. Even though their impressive portfolio of products worked well in Colombia, the dynamics of the US market required focusing and fine-tuning just one product. And that's how Pragma found out that the process of determining which product would fit in the North American market would require external support.

Embracing Base Miami's Market Fit program

Andrea Quiroz was the one in charge of the company's expansion to the US, and she was well aware of the challenges of this new scenario. Therefore, alongside Pragma, they decided to reach Base Miami and its Market Fit program to shape their value proposition and determine which product the company should focus on. 

This program was designed to help founders understand the dynamics of the US market through different workshops and networking activities. And the Pragma team knew it was the bridge to connect with the right people to land with their services in North America. 

Pragma streamlines offerings

Through Base Miami Market Fit, Pragma could get valuable feedback to understand clients' pain points, shaping their products to focus on the services that fit the demands of the US market, like the AWS Certification. 

Even though the company offered a wide array of technologies, this certification was key to position the business in North America. That way, the company saved time by doing it in three months, which could have taken more than 6 months. And consequently, saving money in a complex process requires optimizing all the company resources to succeed.

What they said

“I liked the interviews with market experts and some prospects that could be our clients without trying to sell them something. To understand from them if our proposal was good or not, if our pricing is on average, or if it's too high or low. If you don't want to spend a lot of time trying to understand the market, you have to go with Base Miami because then you will have the contacts. You can do it yourself, but you're going to spend a lot of time trying to reach the right people and companies and understand your value proposition. But if you need to go faster and not consume a lot of time, then you need to go to Base Miami.” Andrea Quiroz - North American Territory CEO Pragma

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