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How Qriar Leveraged Base Miami's Market Fit Program

How Qriar Leveraged Base Miami's Market Fit Program

“I think we've got a lot in terms of the resources Base Miami has and the connections. It's the most valuable thing in the whole process."
Almir Menezes
CEO, Qriar
CEO, Qriar

About Qriar

Founded in 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Qriar is a Brazilian tech company specialized in developing, integrating, implementing, and customizing cybersecurity solutions. With the increasing volume of sensitive data handled daily globally, cybersecurity is key to protecting users and data using the latest technology. 

And aware of that, Qriar provides highly specialized services in the areas of Privileged Access Management, Data Regulatory Compliance, Identity Governance and Management, User Authentication, and API's Secure Management, partnering with some of the most prominent software companies in the world.

Qriar's differentials focused on customization and flexibility to meet individuals and businesses' IT needs, becoming the leading cybersecurity systems integrator for the logistics industry. So, with the goal of being a global reference in the use of technology for data protection, both for individuals and companies, Qriar started to outline introducing their services into a new market.

Understanding the different dynamics of the US market

With the business fully up and running, Qriar decided to explore new markets to introduce its services, and the team targeted the US market. Given the complexities in the dynamics of this new territory, Qriar needed to understand whether things worked out the same in North America than locally. 

But, achieving this can be cumbersome for any company, without the support of professionals with wide expertise and knowledge of the US market. Qriar, like several other companies looking to penetrate The United States market, strived to fit its products or services cost and time efficiently. Which is why they have reached Base Miami to join the Market Fit program and find the best way to overcome these challenges.

Finding the right fit

Qriar team joined the Base Miami Market Fit, an individual program aimed to answer key questions about who's the target client in the US, how to translate the Value Proposition from the local market to the US, and how to define the initial pricing. With these aspects in mind, Qriar execs worked with the Base Miami team to better understand whether there was a market available for their services while also building the initial network within the ecosystem.

Qriar expands its reach to the US market

After weeks of hard work and validation meetings, Qriar found out there was a market opportunity for their services in the US. However, execs discovered that landing in Miami with their product may not be the only option for the business. Therefore, they explored other cities within the region to launch their services and successfully operate in the United States all with the support of the network built during the program.

What they said

“I think we've got a lot in terms of the resources Base Miami has and the connections. It's the most valuable thing in the whole process. Base Miami brought a lot of great people to talk to us. We had an amazing opportunity to talk to renowned people, and it's the most valuable because, in the end, it is all about the people we meet and the connections we make. So that was 10 out of 10. There is a market for Qriar in the US because that's the answer we wanted to have at the beginning of the process. Now, we do have the answer. We do have an opportunity there.” Almir Menezes - CEO, Qriar

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